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5 Tips for Using Custom Reward Programs to Reward Your Customers

There are significant benefits to customer reward programs. For example, when it comes to the finance industry, firms that retain just 5% of their customers have around 20% more profit. Building customer loyalty isn't just great for business; it's also great for customers. When they can consistently go back to a business that [...]

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Customer Acquisition: The Key to Business Building

Did you know that attracting a new customer can cost more than five times the amount of maintaining an existing customer relationship? Plus, increasing your customer retention rate by only 5% may increase your profit by anywhere from 25% to 95%. Long story short, customer retention is the key to improving your business' financial situation. [...]

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How Do White Label Reward Programs Build Loyal Customers?

Almost 40 percent of consumers are loyal to a brand that offers rewards. Hence the reason why it's beneficial for any business to offer a loyalty rewards program. However, businesses need to make sure that they have the software to build a loyal