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Project Description

Android Kiosk Tablet forms create user interaction in your business location. Customers can join your reward program immediately with the touch of their finger. Customers can join your reward program via email or mobile number.

Kiosk Tablet Forms Functionality

The Kiosk Tablet Forms are easy to operate. Simply login to your created reward program and download the necessary Android application. When the application is open, the sign-up form appears on your tablet and is responsive to size.

When a customer completes the form, they see a confirmation message and five seconds later the form will refresh for the next customer sign-up. The offer (reward) to join the reward program is immediately available inside their account. A confirmation message sends to their email or mobile phone confirming this award.

When checkout occurs, the customer can mention this reward and the cashier can redeem the reward instantly. Once the reward’s redeemed, and the transaction is completed, the customer is now part of the automated reward program marketing formula.

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