Member Profile Login Forms

//Member Profile Login Forms
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Project Description

Although members can automatically login via email/SMS received messages, you may require a custom branded member login form to place on your website.

Web Login Forms

Although not required, members can login via web forms. Being our software is highly dynamic, each link sent to a member is customized for that member only. When the link is clicked, it automatically logs the user into their profile.

Unlike many software is on the market, a web login form is not required. Most software is on the market require a separate login page. This occurs because most software’s use third-party email or SMS platforms. Our software is fully integrated with email and SMS by having our own email and SMS marketing engine. This allows us to send dynamic links from our software to each member. The member can click the link and automatically log into their profile.

To learn more about how you can have a customized and automated reward program software, Contact Us today!

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