Project Description

SMS Short Code Reward Program Signup

SMS short codes provide a means for businesses to signup customers on the fly. Entice the customer with a gift to signup for the rewards program. Give the customer a keyword phrase, you choose, and a 6 digit short code number to SMS Text. The customer is immediately part of the reward program and the gift voucher is SMS Texted in seconds.
After joining the reward program through SMS short code, another SMS message sends and bonus points are awarded to complete a long web form. A business can ask any custom questions on the long web form they want.

Social Media Forms & SMS Short Codes

When the customer opens the long web form, an option to complete the form with their Social Media account is available. This allows the customer to complete the form quickly from their cell phone and increase retention.

The data collected can then be segmented and filtered for targeted segmented marketing. This data can be used for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, post cards, or anything creative.

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