Project Description

Create Unlimited Reward Program Offers

Complete control to create unlimited reward program offers. RoboRewards allows on-the-fly offer creation and maintains organization for statistical analysis. Create the following offer types: Email/SMS, Point Goal, Sign-up Promos, Social Media, Generic (used primarily for tracking), Event (used to give points for offer redemption) and any external advertisement, such as TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspaper etc.

Creating offers require roughly 3 minutes. Add the offer title, description/disclaimer, any bonus point amount (not required), choose one-time use or multiple uses, the dynamic expiration date (meaning, 7 day expiration from sending, 30 day expiration from sending or any day from sending), exact expiration date or no expiration date.

Attaching Offers to Broadcasts

Attaching offers to broadcasts is extremely easy. When creating the Email or SMS, there is a dynamic content drop-down with an option to attach an offer. When clicked, all relevant offers show. The offer’s then inserted into the broadcast.

When the customer receives the broadcast, the offer displays inside the user profile and Email/SMS until expiration’s reached or the offer’s redeemed (assuming this is a one time use offer). Thereafter, if the offer’s clicked on the customer side, the offer will show as expired or redeemed. You can also allow members to self-redeem offers.

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