Project Description

Viral Reward Program Friend Referring Methods

RoboRewards email reward program friend referring methods are far above none. Each customer has a user profile in which they can refer friends. In addition, this same link can be found in any email sent if the business owner chooses. When this link is clicked, they are redirected to a page to refer friends.

When the customer refers a friend an email is sent to the friends email address. The friend who receives the email can fill out the reward program form with Social Media form completion. If the friend who is referred to the reward program fills out the web form, they are now part of the rewards program. However, the friend who referred them does not receive bonus points unless the referred friend makes a purchase.

Stopping Friend Referring Spam

This method of reward program friend referring via email helps grow a reward program virally while rewarding customers appropriately. This also prevents dishonest points from being earned because the software automatically adds points ‘only’ when the first transaction takes place.

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