Features: Automated Marketing

A little more detail for all you tech guys…we love you…you get it!

You Need Automated Marketing?

The automated marketing capabilities are some the most valuable features of RoboRewards marketing software. The software intelligently sends marketing campaigns to customers based on predefined rules, campaigns, and dynamic offers. Reading more about dynamic offers can explain how dynamic expiration date offers work. Reading about Smart Campaign Organization will explain smart campaign management.
Triggers, use predefined rules and five points of reference:

  • A custom field date
  • The broadcast date
  • The offer expiration date
  • The signup date
  • The transaction date
  • Automated Marketing Triggers

The points of reference allow us to make rules that automatically broadcast campaigns before, on, or after specified dates. Although there are more rules besides these three, this document will not fully explain the trigger functionality as the information is confidential.

Our Automated marketing triggers are one of the “Bread and Butter” marketing secrets that make RoboRewards the leader in the Reward Program industry. Many businesses have tried to replicate our Automated Marketing features, but nothing compares to our software. Automated marketing brings Big and Small businesses peace of mind like not other software on the market.

A few of the trigger events we are able to perform are as follows:

  • Appointment triggers
  • Autoresponder time on contact list triggers
  • Average dollar spending triggers
  • Average time of day triggers
  • Broadcast repeat specific date & time triggers
  • Custom date field triggers
  • Inactivity triggers
  • Incomplete profile triggers
  • Link being clicked trigger
  • Member date field triggers
  • Offer not used triggers
  • Opened or unopened campaign triggers
  • Promotion or offer expiration triggers
  • Refer a friend joining trigger
  • Refer a friend thank you trigger
  • Refer a friend trigger
  • Reward point goal triggers
  • Sign-Up date triggers
  • Specific date contact list
  • Specific date segment triggers
  • Spending activity triggers
  • Survey triggers
  • Transaction triggers
  • VIP Expiration triggers

These are a few of the triggers we will use to help automate the reward marketing formula.

Learn about the Dynamic Offers here