Reward Program Considersations

Loyalty Program Software Custom Tailored for Your Business.

There Are Several Key Factors When Choosing A Program

There are many companies on the market offering customer loyalty software, each with a different spin on rewarding loyalty. When choosing a rewards program, there are several key reward program considerations. Our goal is to help you decide if we are the perfect fit. In some cases, we are; in other cases, we are not. Here are a few areas to consider when choosing a loyalty program software provider.

How Are Customers Awarded?

By definition, a loyalty program rewards customers for buying behavior using a loyalty card, reward card, point card, punch card, etc.

Some loyalty software offer rewards per number of visits, and others provide custom loyalty programs per dollar spent.

The difficulty is determining which program to choose: one which tracks actual dollar spending or one that takes a short-cut approach and tracks visits. Tracking dollars spent gives the ability to have an accurate overview of the reward program’s increased revenue and rew